We're a fast-growing church in a fast-growing community 35 miles south of downtown Nashville, TN. If you are interested in serving in an exciting church with full-time and part-time opportunities, review the ministries below and contact us. We bring people onto our staff who demonstrate Christ-like character, are competent, and have good chemistry with others. All WellSpring employees are required to pass a criminal background check.
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  Adult Ministry Support

This eight-hour position will support both the Connections Minister and the Care & Missions Minister.  Schedule and location (on-site vs. remote) are flexible.

Strengths / experience

• Effective communicator (written & one-on-one communication more so than the ability to speak on stage or to large groups)
• Passionate about LifeGroups as a way for people to find family and know God at WellSpring (specifically, as a vehicle for personal spiritual growth, discipleship, accountability, and Christian community)
• Experience leading or co-leading a LifeGroup (or as a long-time, committed member of a LifeGroup at the very least)
• Tech savvy, or comfortable with learning technology (online file sharing, e-mail, learning a database system)


• Managing LifeGroup discussion guide writers calendar (lining up writers for each week) and distributing / printing LifeGroup guides every week
• Following up with those who’ve expressed interest in joining a LifeGroup
• Planning the LifeGroup Bazaar or other LifeGroup launch events
• Handling post-LifeGroup Bazaar follow-up with LifeGroup leaders (scanning sign-up sheets, emailing them to leaders, etc.)
• Being an additional point of contact and resource for LifeGroup leaders who have questions about meeting locations, childcare, etc.
• Working with LifeGroup leaders once a semester to determine an accurate attendance list for each group (and updating LifeGroup attendance in our database)
• Planning / organizing the First Date events
• Scheduling / coordinating local lunch meet-ups for LifeGroup leaders (and Keith & Scott)
• Updating and editing the LifeTrack sign-up forms (print and online), attendance, workbook printing/binding, and following up with LifeTrack attenders
• Updating person profiles in our database with photos taken during LifeTrack, and saving photos to Andy’s network drive
• Occasionally posting encouragement, questions, conversation starters, etc. to WellSpring LifeGroup Leaders Facebook group
• Managing the baptism media team (scheduling photographer & videographer) and handling the follow-up process (printing letters, ordering books, burning photos & media to disk, etc.)
• Handling follow-up from the LifeGroup Leader Interest Meeting (background checks, following up on meeting details, etc.)
• Assisting Care & Missions Minister with mission trip planning
• Providing assistance and support for annual men’s and women’s retreat planning
• Creating and managing web-based sign-up forms for adult ministry events
• Owning / managing the pastoral care follow-up spreadsheet (for those in the hospital or other care facilities)
• Financially supporting the mission and ministries of WellSpring

If you are interested, send your resume to employment@wellspringchristian.org.