WellSpring is celebrating its 20-year anniversary and we’re spending a whole month celebrating! Check our event calendar below for ways you can celebrate with us! These events are wrapped around our mission of helping people follow Jesus. You’ll have an opportunity to Find Family, Know God, Make an Impact, and Embrace Discipleship during each event. Save the dates for the events below and check back for more details in the future.

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Night of Worship | Fri. Nov. 10 | 7PM

Join us Friday night, November 10 at 7 pm for a special night of worship. We want to invite the whole family to join us as we reflect, remember, and celebrate the last 20 years. We want to give God praise for all that He has done and continues to do for us and through us. This Worship event will kick off our 40 hours of prayer event.

40 Hours of Prayer | Nov. 10-12

Join us November 10-12, as we continue to seek God through prayer for ourselves, our families, our nation, our community, and our church. You and your family can sign up to pray at WellSpring during a specific time slot starting at 7pm on Friday November 10 and ending on Sunday, November 12 at 11am. We will be providing prayer stations for you and your family to do together as you reflect on who God is and ask God to move in areas of your life. This is a great opportunity for you and your family to learn a little more about prayer and to put it into practice in creative and unique ways. This activity is open to all ages but recommended for kindergarten and up. 

Sign up here to sign up for a 30-minute prayer time-slot!


Community Prayer Walk | Sun. Nov. 12

Join us in different locations throughout our city to pray over our community. This is a great opportunity to meet other WellSpring families as we lift up the needs of our neighbors and our city to God.

This will be in place of our regular Sunday morning services on Sunday, November 12.

Register for a location and plan on meeting a group of WellSpring families at that location at 10:00 a.m. A staff member or team leader will be there to open up your time with a short devotion, worship and communion before setting your group off to pray while you walk and interact with our neighbors.

This is a great opportunity for all ages to make an impact on our community together through the power of prayer. 

Click here to register at the location nearest your home.


Compassion Experience | Nov. 17-19

Join us for a Compassion Experience, called “Hope Starts Here.” This experience is for the whole family. You will be given the opportunity to witness the realities of life for children living in extreme poverty, and to see the local church’s incredible response. Through a series of interactive, family-friendly experiences, “Hope Starts Here” will transport you to Uganda to meet a child named Blessing and to hear her family’s story of struggle, sacrifice and generosity. You’ll also see the hope that Jesus brings in even the most difficult of circumstances. Sign up for a thirty minute slot on the app for you and your family to experience this life-changing event.

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