The Academy at WellSpring

During the week, we operate a thriving Christian preschool in our main building. It’s dedicated to developing the whole child in Jesus’ name.


WellSpring Kids

At WellSpring, kids from birth through the fifth grade are loved, encouraged, and celebrated as one of God’s great blessings.

WellSpring Students

Middle and high school can be a blast…and a challenge. We’re committed to helping 6th-12th grade students follow Jesus. 

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WellSpring Residency Program

Our residency program is the PERFECT solution for college or seminary students seeking real-world ministry experience in a healthy church setting through a paid position. This 7 – 12 month residency is available to college students and graduates. We have a program through Johnson University to obtain a master’s degree in Strategic Ministry after 1 year; click or tap here to learn more.

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WellSpring Young Adults

Young adults face unique opportunities and pressure from age 18 through their late 20’s. We want to help young adults follow Jesus, so we host gatherings around major holidays and other school breaks. 

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Marriage Mentoring

Many marriages need more than cognitive adjustments…they need a spiritual awakening. Our biblical method of mentoring addresses core heart issues that can get in the way of true healing and restoration. This unique ministry empowers couples to solve their own issues with the help of a mentor couple.

WellSpring PRIME

PRIME is a ministry group for senior adults (age 55+) at WellSpring who are interested in creating a Christ-centered culture of ministry, service, fellowship and growth.  Want to know more?

WellSpring Missions

Ministry doesn’t just happen inside the confines of a church building.  We’re making an impact in and beyond the Spring Hill, TN area.

Men's and Women's Ministries

We help men and women follow Jesus through events, gatherings, meetups, LifeGroups, and more. Use the buttons below to email our Men’s ministry or be connected to our Women’s ministry Facebook page.

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Fuel is built to accelerate the love of God and community among auto and motorcycle enthusiasts. This ministry focuses on outreach, education, and service. Whether you have a sweet ride to showcase or just love checking out other people’s bikes and automobiles, you’re invited along for the ride!

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