End of year giving

For end of the year tax planning, please keep the following in mind…
Checks written, mailed, and postmarked in 2021 will be tax deductible even though they may not be received by the church until January 2022.  Keep in mind that a check dated from 2021, but received in a church service in January 2022, will not be counted towards 2021 tax-deductible giving. The IRS requires that we provide a financial statement by January 31, 2022 to anyone who gives $250 or more at one time. If you have any questions regarding your contributions or do not receive a statement from WellSpring by January 31, please contact us at accounting@wellspringchristian.org.

You may also view and print your giving statements on The Current.  Log in, then click your profile icon.  Click the “Involvement” tab, then look for a card labeled “Financial.”  Clicking the three dots at the top of this card will allow you to view either individual or family statements.  Thanks so much for your generosity this year!